Useless Scenery

The cellphone era produces massive image information. Human beings in the times do not have the patience to watch the scenery again. A lot of useless data production. Dispel time and desire. At the same time, the deletion threshold is also accumulated. The ubiquitous 2D screen is the ultimate interface between existence and virtual.

"Useless Landscape" is the way to screenshot the screen by a mobile phone screen. Two sampling and local interception of the landscape image. A new low pixel digital image is produced. Here the 3,700 thousand pixel screen of a mobile phone is a digital imaging machine. The combination of Power and Home keys is more casual and leisurely than moving the shutter. The pixel composition of the small square points with similar colors in the sample. It also has a continuum of thick light harmonic expression. The true sense of these images in human vision. And what's the meaning of it?